For Health Care Professionals

We welcome the opportunity to partner with physicians to care for his/her patients no matter where their journey started.

UPMC Global Care is committed to providing prompt communication and collaboration with referring physicians from outside of the United States.

When contacting us, please have the following information about the patient readily available:

  • Basic patient demographics
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Address and country of residency
    • Contact information
    • Emergency contact
    • Family doctor
    • Insurance information
    • Allergies
    • Major diagnoses and/or major medical history
  • Type of request (i.e. in-person consultation, teleconsultation, telemedicine, etc.)
  • Reason for request
  • Any special needs of the patient

By submitting this information you acknowledge it may be shared throughout UPMC for clinical purposes. Once UPMC Global Care has been made aware of a patient’s situation, we will assemble a team of clinical and administrative experts to consult with the referring physician, evaluate the case, and determine the best course of treatment. Our proposal will also detail the care plan, provide a single price for all medical services, and address any other requests for information.

Once important decisions have been made regarding the patient’s condition, the type of care required, and the destination, UPMC Global Care will assist with travel arrangements and help to secure visas or other necessary travel documents. Our Hospitality and Logistical services  helps patients and their families with any clinical or non-clinical need throughout their stay at any of our UPMC facilities. If the patient is receiving virtual care, all medical documentation and images must be provided in English and UPMC Global Care will coordinate the transfer of materials to the appropriate doctor.

The UPMC Global Care team will maintain contact with referring physicians after the patient is discharged to provide updates on recovery progress and potential next steps in treatment or post-discharge care. Patients can receive follow-up care as necessary at UPMC regional facilities closer to their homes or through use of telemedicine technology.

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To learn more about partnering with UPMC for the care of your patient:
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