Meet the Global Care Team

The Global Care team is here to provide you and your family with the support, guidance, and assistance you may need as you plan your travel and stay in Pittsburgh. The team’s focus is on making the journey to receive care easier because we believe your focus should always be on your and your family member’s health.

UPMC Global Care Office Address:
Falk Medical Building
3601 Fifth Avenue
Suite 110.10
Pittsburgh PA 15213

Meet the Team:

Mariel Garcia, MBA

Sr. Director International Business and Telemedicine

Clinical Care Coordinators and Referral Liaisons

This group is responsible for actively collaborating with your physician, consultants, other care providers, and your hospitality coordinator or interpreter to create a comprehensive plan to meet your medical, lodging, billing, and travel needs. They will provide regular updates to the embassy or commercial sponsor, monitor hospital and outpatient appointment notes, and request authorizations for additional services as needed from the embassy or commercial health insurance.

Kathy Iurlano, RN, BSN

Global Care Coordinator

Jacqueline Yasky, BA

Senior International Referral Liaison

Patient Financial Coordinator

The Patient Financial Coordinator is responsible for assisting patients with managing the financial aspects of their medical care at UPMC and will be available to help answer questions and navigate billing and payment specifics. The financial coordinator serves as a liaison for you and your family to your sponsoring organization, such as insurance companies, government or embassy sponsors, and military offices.

International Patient Relations Manager

The Manager of International Patient Relations is responsible for connecting each new patient with a designated Hospitality Coordinator and will assist with travel, housing, and interpretation needs. The goal is to make every patient and their family is receiving world-class, culturally sensitive care.

Marie Teslovich

International Patient Relations Manager

Languages spoken: Arabic

Hospitality Coordinators

Hospitality Coordinators are available to assist you with your non-medical needs including: interpreter services, dietary requests, religious needs, phone and internet access, lodging, local banking, and recreation. They will be your primary contact during your stay in Pittsburgh, will escort you to your appointment, and assist you with scheduling additional medical appointments as necessary.

In case of a medical emergency, please dial 911 for medical assistance and then notify your Hospitality Coordinator.

Ines Cervoni

International Referral Liaison

Languages spoken: Spanish, Italian

Ghania Ibrahaim

International Referral Liaison

Languages spoken: Arabic

George Saad

International Referral Liaison

Languages spoken: Arabic, French

Joyce Rowan

Sr. International Referral Liaison

Languages spoken: Spanish

Alexander Kosheni

International Referral Liaison

Languages spoken: Russian, Ukrainian

Rajen Khanal

International Referral Liaison

Languages spoken: Nepali

Sabina Love

International Referral Liaison

Languages spoken: Russian